5/6C 2018

Please note the Senior Level will be using Google Classrooms and Class Story this year as their main modes of communication and sharing of l [...]

Home Task: End of Term Celebration of Learning

Well done 1/2IC for your incredible dedication to your home learning this year!  You should be incredibly proud of yourselves!  Thankyou t [...]

Ceres Excursion

Paper Making Video     [...]

Home Task Celebration of Learning

Brilliant Home Task Share Time Session 1/2IC!  Brilliant as always! Curtis Transformations by Zoe Write Your Own Story by Zoe Sensational p [...]


A catapult is an awesome science activity but also incorporates math, engineering, and even technology. What kind of simple machines are u [...]

Minibeast Research

In Week 8 you will be writing an information report about a minibeast of your choice. You can use the links below to research your minibeast [...]

Creative Catapults

This week we will be designing our own catapults to make in Week 6. You some of these photos and videos to inspire your ideas!   [...]

Home Task Share Time Weeks 2 & 3

ACTION REACTION By Kaylea Coins Power Point by Zoe Curtis Inquiry Homework by Zoe Wordsearch by Zoe   [...]

Limerick’s by 1/2IC

12 IC Limericks [...]

Concert Recounts

Click on this link “Concert Recounts” or scroll through the recounts below. We used the Draw, Talk, Write Strategy today to gain [...]
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